About Us
About Us

Unlike other jewelry chain stores, Organic Charms is a company that is able to provide each and every customer with all their requests without sacrificing quality. Our company is driven upon customer satisfaction and loyalty. We bring quality jewelry to the public at an exceptional price while raising the bar in excellence towards the competition. We build a steady and trustworthy relationship with every customer, as our customers are the top priority of our business. At organiccharms.com you will partake in an effortless, prompt, and secured shopping experience. Moreover, we provide automatic tracking after purchase for your convenience. Whether you order online, by phone, or via email, your purchase is secured, and your personal information will be kept confidential.

Organic Charms not only stands out amongst its competitive peers in service, we also add our distinctive and one of a kind jewelry to the platform. Organic Charms takes pride in its resource of materials used for our jewelry. We celebrate authentic jewelry pieces created from natural materials, including wood, clay and fresh water pearls. These ethnic, earthy and exhilarating creations will beautify the necks, wrists and waists of green-based consumers with the assurance of knowing what they purchased aren’t contributing to the disruption of our environment. Organic Charms is attentive and home to Eco-Friendly Jewelry.
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